Sacraments of Vocation

Marriage and Ordination

There are two sacraments of vocation in Catholic life, marriage and the ordained ministry. Both vocations, though lived differently, have the same goal of leading people to union with God which is the Kingdom of God.

Sacrament of Marriage is the bond of love lived out daily between a husband and wife as they journey together through life as friends, partners, lovers and companions. In addition to supporting one another in loving care, a married couple joins in the creative power of God by bringing forth children into the world. As parents, the husband and wife are called to love, nurture and educate their children in the life of the Catholic faith so that one day these children will be intelligent, responsible and loving adults.

Sacrament of Holy Orders, the mission of ordained ministry in the Catholic Church is to serve the Christian community by helping to order its communal life in such a way that the community can be living witness of Jesus Christ in the world. Deacons, priests and bishops, called by God for service to the People of God, dedicate themselves to the building up of the community of Christ who is Himself the head of the Church which is his Mystical Body.