St. Anthony Community Youth Basketball

The vision of SACYB is to provide an outreach for youth in our community.  We hope to develop Christian values and morals by playing the game of basketball in a safe and positive church environment.

Registration for SACYB will appear on our website in late October each year with the program running in January and February.

Games are conducted under basketball rules along with certain SACYB rules.  Teams are placed in different divisions by grade level and skill level.  The goal of the program is to have each team equal in regard to ability, size, age, etc.  No standings are kept.  All players are assured of equal playing time with competition kept to a minimum.  All participants are expected to abide by SACYB game and gym rules, along with practicing good sportsmanship at all times.

It is important for the coaches and parents to always be good examples to the children, especially during game times.  We at SACYB strive to create a positive environment for everyone.  In keeping with our goals, we will not tolerate any inappropriate words or actions during game time toward other players or to the referees by players, parents or coaches.  While we do not expect problems, games will be terminated, if necessary.

Volunteers, who are mostly parents, former players and church members, provide all coaching and directorship of the program.  All practices and games are conducted at the St. Anthony Memorial Center gym, which is ¾ regulation size.

Goals: HAVE FUN! Develop and improve basketball skills. Learn and practice good sportsmanship. Build teamwork skills. Make new friends.